Worfact Basics

The Last Update Date : 03 Sep 2017

Worfact is a mobile application that aims to track performance and simultaneously collect the data while coaching people with muscle selector screen, pre-workouts and exercise library.

Using Help

Reach the Help Document from www.worfact.com/help

Converting the trial version to the full version of Worfact Application

When Worfact is downloaded for the first time, it can be used as a full version or free for 3 days. After 3 days, it can not be used except some general features. The purchase screen will appear when you want to use features that are not supported in the free version. When you select the option that is right for you on the Purchase screen, your purchasing process will begin. Once the purchase process is complete, Worfact will be available as a full version.

Ending Up Subscription

Membership can be ended at any time. To cancel a subscription;

Menu > Settings > Terms of Users

Follow the unsubscribe section in the Terms of Users document.

Multilanguage Support

Worfact will be in the language of the device when it is first installed. Using multi-language support, you can continue by selecting one of the supported languages.