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The best way to do effective sport!!!

Direct Yourself

Be encouraged. With Worfact personal application you can get all the information with a single touch. Whether you use the Muscle Selector or the Ready Workouts all information you need about your exercise is one click away …

Make Sport Consciously

Stay conscious with Worfact Personal Practice Muscle Explanations, Ready Workouts, Well Defined (Audible and Video) exercises and measurements ...

Reach Your Target

Set targets, make measurements, use Worfact measurement summary screens to analyze results. Focus on your goal by doing your measurements again in certain periods ...

Key Information

* Weight Loss Program
* Heart Disease Program
* Active Aging
* Diabetes Program


650 well-defined exercises you can choose from with video and audio support.
Work consciously by checking your exercise explanations and muscle interactions ...

Kendin için workout yarat

Find out what's right for you from among over 200 workouts prepared by experts, add it to your schedule and start working without the need of anyone ...

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Measurements, Analyses and Performance Metrics

Enter your measurements periodically and measure your performance. With the measurements you receive, you can analyze your metrics like WEIGHT, VOLUME, HEART, HEALTHY AGE and DIABETES.

  • Spor için vücut ölçümleri
    Body Measurements, includes environmental measurements of certain areas of your body. BMI, waist / hip ratio calculations are obtained at this number.
  • VO2max değerleri
    VO2Max, measures your maximum oxygen usage capacity. It is calculated by entering Pulse, time and distance values.
  • 1 RM Hesaplama
    1RM, One-repetition maximum (one rep maximum or 1RM) in weight training is the maximum amount of force that can be generated in one maximal contraction.One repetition maximum can be used for determining an individual's maximum strength and is the method for determining the winner in events such as powerlifting and weightlifting competitions. One repetition maximum can also be used as an upper limit, in order to determine the desired "load" for an exercise
  • Spor Yapanlar için yaşam bulguları
    Vital Diagnosis, blood pressure, resting pulse and skin thickness are entered. In this way; it calculates metrics like Body fat ratio.
Görsel Kas Seçici

Visual Muscle Selector
Touch the muscles you want to develop to reach the related exercises.
The muscular visuals divided into 80 pieces will make you develop by doing the right movements …

Kendi kendinize yapabileceğiniz egzersizler

Create Workout
Create workout by selecting from 650 categorized exercises. Determine the mode and sequence of work, plan and start workout ...

Automatically prepare performance reports as you work …

Sosyal medya paylaşım

Using social media, share your workouts and performance with friends or trainers ...
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail, message etc.

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Get Message
Get information messages for training days and contact trainer ...