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Realize Your Members
The best way to focus on your work !!!

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Show how you will eventually reach the people who will come to you to get results. Workouts created in your corporate are standard. Create Workout only by reflecting your corporation culture, not your trainer’s own knowledge and skill.

Keep your members’ measurements in one environment, follow them and get their analysis. Give feedback to your members with the analysis you have done and reach them the result you want.

Let your member decide by considering not just the trainer, but also the corporation.

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Get a performance-oriented approach to your work. Encourage people to choose you because they can accomplish their goals and behave in this direction. Put the cause and consequences of your workout into the enterprise.

Strengthen your infrastructure with Worfact and take a serious step in this path. Give your instructor a professional image by visually informing the workout as you type. Support your service with modern systems as well as trainers.

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Explain the reason for your behavior to your members. I write to you ... workout because the muscles you need to develop are in the form of ...

Get rid of your plant from the piles of paper. Keep all your workouts electronically and provide access from anywhere. Your members can access kiosks when they arrive and workouts using their mobile devices or the WEB environment when they are out.

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With Worfact, carry your entire workout system electronically and have a scalable system. Take an institutional look at your members and document your interest.

Take the reports of how much you are interested in and adjust your level of interest accordingly. Increase your retention rates at this count.

The more accurately you determine your level of interest and adjust accordingly, the more member satisfaction will increase.

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Stay away from randomly written workouts. Get rid of paper stacks and one-way services. Ensure that workouts written on your facility are reached and processed on WEB and MOBILE environments.

Do not forget! People like to share their fortunes rather than do something, give them that opportunity.

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  • Categorize workouts created at your facility.
  • Analyze how much workout your trainer has created.
  • Check the conformity of the created workouts to the organizational structure.
  • Identify your trainer’s level of interest.
  • Move the trainer-member relationship further.

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  • Add your own logo to the accounts of your members.
  • Make sure that your members share their workouts through social media.
  • With the socialization of your members, spread and grow your plant's name.
  • Be preferred…

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Be under your members' hands. Provide you with the opportunity to reach and follow you through email, facebook, twitter, web options on the company page on mobile devices.

Always take part in their accounts and do not leave their minds.